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Our Mission: To Excel at Caring for You!

Thank you for selecting Community Memorial Healthcare for your medical needs. Hospitals work hard to ensure that every patient has a safe and positive outcome. However, there is some risk involved in almost everything we do in life, including coming into a hospital. For example, unfortunate occurrences such as falls, medication errors, equipment malfunctions, allergic reactions and infections can occur despite our best efforts.

No one can promise you that accidents won't happen, but we think that if patients and hospitals work together, they can lower the risk of accidental injuries and improve patient safety. Research shows that patients who are more involved with their care often have better results. While receiving treatment at CMH, your safety is our primary concern. Procedures are in place at our facility to protect your well-being and to secure the best medical outcome possible. Our state-of-the-art information system features electronic bedside charting and medication bar coding for medication verification purposes. Our medication delivery system provides many safeguards that ensure your safety.

If something doesn't seem right, speak up! For example, if a medication looks different, or the routine changes, ask for clarification.
Don't let anyone give you medication without first scanning your hospital ID bracelet, scanning the medication, and saying your full name or birth date.
When a nurse gives you medicine (IV or oral), ask what it is. This can prevent accidental mix-ups.
Make sure your caregivers wash their hands if they perform any "hands on" procedures.

CMH wants you to know the following ways that you can help prevent medical errors. Community Memorial Healthcare Committed to providing safe, quality healthcare to our patients every day.

"You are an integral part of your health care team
and play an important role in improving your own health.
Through involvement with the hospital staff and
interest in your own care, you may heal faster."

Community Memorial Healthcare physicians and staff are proud of the high quality health care that we deliver to our patients. We acknowledge that while we do provide the best care possible, to err is human. We appreciate your partnering with us to make sure you have the positive experience that patients have come to expect from this facility. Something seems unsafe? See something we've missed or something we can do better? Please let us know...we want to hear about it. We welcome your concerns and questions and encourage you to express them to your physicians, nurses and other staff. They will contact the appropriate personnel to help us correct the situation.

How to reach us:

Contact Curtis R. Hawkinson, President
and CEO at (785) 562-2311, ext. 4380

Thanks for Joining our CMH Safety Partnership!


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