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Pictured left to right: Ross, Teri, Yunie, Wenzel, Kat, Hanna, Ginger, Carrie, and Ike, director of laboratory services.

Laboratory Services

HOURS: 8:00AM - 4:30PM

CMH's fully equipped laboratory offers a wide variety of clinical testing. It is staffed by a highly skilled team of technologists and technicians who work together with the physicians to give accurate and timely results. The CMH laboratory covers the fields of chemistry (electrolytes, hormones, therapeutic drug levels, drugs of abuse, etc.), hematology (blood cell counts, diabetic glucose levels, etc.), blood bank (transfusion medicine), and microbiology (urine and throat cultures, drug sensitivities, etc.).

Certified pathologists from Peterson Laboratory Services serve as CMH laboratory medical directors. They provide medical direction and support for the laboratory staff. They also aid CMH doctors in studying and diagnosing disease through the examination of organs, tissues, cells, and body fluids.

Please contact the CMH laboratory concerning any matter relating to Peterson Laboratory or the CMH clinical laboratory at (785) 562-2311.


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