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Digital Mammography

A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breasts to detect breast cancer and other abnormalities or changes in the breasts. The mammogram usually requires two views of each breast, one from above and one angled from the side.

CMH uses the GE Healthcare Senographe Digital Mammography system to provide physicians with clear and precise all-digital images, rather than images on X-ray film.

There are many advantages to a digital system. The images are clear and easy to read, and it offers an excellent view of the breast, especially near the skin line, chest wall and in women with diverse breast tissue types. The digital image is ready to read within 10 seconds - there is no longer a wait for films to be developed to be sure the images are usable. Digital mammograms take as little as half the time of film. And if a second opinion is needed, the image can be sent electronically to a consulting physician virtually instantaneously.

For more information about digital mammography contact Brenda Heideman at (785) 562-4466.


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