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Mother + Baby

Having a new baby is a wonderful and exciting time in your life. Community Memorial Healthcare is here for you every step of the way! Whether you're expecting your first or fifth child, our labor and delivery team provides a secure, nurturing environment and caring response to your growing family's needs. From the miracle of the first heartbeat to the exhilarating moment of their first breath, we are honored to share in one of life's most precious moments - the birth of your baby.

Congratulations, you're expecting!! Now what?

It's time to make your first appointment with one of our delivering physicians. Don't have a doctor that provides obstetric care? Call 785-562-2311 to make an appointment with Dr. Haley Lowell, Dr. Jacob Nagely, Dr. Shane Thoreson, or Dr. Danielle Wurtz any time after that positive pregnancy test.

{Family} Physicians

Our doctors here pride themselves on being called {family} physicians. Each of our delivering doctors are parents themselves, and know what an important time your pregnancy and delivery are. They will treat you as if you are a member of their own family - they will share your joy, cheer on your milestones, and comfort you in times of sadness. CMH currently has four delivering doctors to choose from who will be with you every step of the way, from conception to delivery, and all throughout the life of your child.

     • Dr. Haley Lowell, MD
     • Dr. Jacob Nagely, MD
     • Dr. Shane Thoreson, MD
     • Dr. Danielle Wurtz, DO

Each of these physicians is certified in maternal care, vaginal and cesarean deliveries, and family medicine to offer that full continuum of care right here close to home.

Birthing Center

At Community Memorial Healthcare, our labor and delivery suites are built with your comfort in mind. Here, you will labor, deliver, recover, and spend the rest of your postpartum stay all in one spacious room. Each birthing suite is equipped with a state-of-the-art birthing bed, health monitoring equipment for mom and baby, a private bathroom equipped with a walk-in shower, a sofa bed for a guest, a cushioned rocking recliner, and numerous tools to help you labor the way you feel is right. Should the need arise, triage capabilities are available for each room, and the obstetric suites are located in a private, secure wing directly adjacent to our operating room surgical suites.

Your Team

You will meet a number of people throughout your pregnancy journey who will partner with you to bring your baby to a healthy delivery. At Community Memorial Healthcare, we have on staff:

• Friendly staff at Community Physicians Clinic will register you for each appointment
Four family physicians, Dr. Haley Lowell, MD, Dr. Jacob Nagely, Dr. Shane Thoreson, MD, and Dr. Danielle Wurtz, DO, will guide you through maternity appointments, labor and delivery, and wellness or emergent care for your growing child
• Each physician has their own nursing staff at the clinic setting, so you will always be seen by a familiar face who knows your body and your history at each appointment
Financial counseling is available if you have questions or concerns about family planning
• In-house ultrasounds are given by Linda Bargar or another certified sonogram technologist
• All lab work is processed quickly in-house for maternity patients
• Round-the-clock care is given by dedicated obstetric nurses who are specially trained in labor, delivery, and postpartum and newborn care
• Mike Stech, CRNA, or another certified nurse anesthetist is on call at all times for any anesthesia needs
• Our surgery team is trained to guide you through the c-section process with as much comfort as possible

Parent Education

Each first-time mother is given a book and additional information at one of her first appointments to help guide her in a healthy pregnancy. Each mother also receives breastfeeding information and access to take a labor and delivery course via online videos at her convenience in the third trimester. Additionally, each maternity appointment is an opportunity to ask any questions that arise between appointments, or information is available by contacting our nurses over the phone for immediate concerns.

Labor + Delivery

Check-in will be through the Emergency Room entrance. Please bring your insurance card, ID, and any hospital bags for yourself and baby.

Each mother will labor, deliver and recover in her own private, secure labor & delivery suite. From check-in to discharge, our dedicated nurses and nursery aides will be with you every step of the way.

No matter what time of day, your doctor will be there to deliver your baby, unless they are scheduled to be out of town during a premature delivery.

You will have one-on-one care with a trained labor and delivery nurse, throughout your labor and immediate postpartum recovery.

Visitors during labor are left to patient or nursing discretion, and many popular labor tools (peanut, birthing ball, etc.) are available to encourage progression.

We highly encourage immediate skin-to-skin contact for momma and baby (and daddy too!) directly after delivery and through to discharge to help develop that parental bond. We also encourage baby to "room in" as much as possible with the new parents to facilitate that bond, as well. However we do have 24-hour nursery care available for your newborn. Research has shown that such techniques help maintain or stimulate baby's temperature, heart rate, and healing, as well as stimulate the maternal bond for breastfeeding.

Because we are in a small community, your nurses will remember you and your newborn, and are genuinely interested in your care and well-being and will often check in with you to see how baby has grown, whether in the store or at a football game. Throughout your care at CMH, you will develop relationships with many members of our staff who look forward to watching your child grow up, and are thrilled to see you come back with each additional pregnancy as your family grows. There is nothing as special as the personal care you will receive when you choose the staff at your local hospital to be a part of your family during those life-changing moments of birth.

Newborn Photography

FREE professional newborn photography session
• 15 minutes
• 2-5 edited images
• Baby + details

Talented local photographer Suzanne Mooradian Photography has partnered with Community Memorial Healthcare to bring you professional keepsake images of your sweet baby before leaving the hospital.

Suzanne knows the beauty of these first moments that you have hoped for and dreamed of, and offers this service FREE to all families delivering at CMH as a thank you for choosing us to be a part of this special time in the life of your family (subject to photographer availability).

In addition to her photography career, during the day Suzanne is one of our maternity care clinic nurses, and also a certified EMT. You and your baby will be safe and well cared for in Suzanne’s hands.

Parents can expect 3-5 edited images of baby. Photos will normally be taken the day after birth, and the session will take about 15 minutes with just baby. Baby should be fed and dressed however you’d like him or her to appear.
Images will be delivered for download in a private, secure gallery via email within days. With parents' permission, photos are displayed on the CMH website and Facebook page according to the parents' selected privacy options.

Photo galleries are delivered to parents within 7 days.


Hospital visiting hours are open according to reason after delivery, at parent and nursing discretion.

TTC {Trying To Conceive}

If you are trying to conceive and have questions or concerns, please contact your primary care provider. Local testing options and other resources are available.

Community Resources

It takes a village to raise a child! These health organizations in our county can help you with any additional needs you may have for your child:

Marshall County Health Department
     (785) 562-3485
La Leche League Marysville (Breastfeeding)
Marshall County Infant Toddler Services
     (785) 562-5502
Parents as Teachers
     USD #364: 785-562-2464
     USD #498: 785-363-2661
     USD #380: 785-382-6216
Pony Express Partnership for Children
     (785) 629-8300


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