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This is a picture of the hospital entrance.


Community Memorial Healthcare is a 501(c)3 private non-profit organization governed by a 12-person board of directors, the hospital CEO, and the Chief of Medical Staff. Board members are community leaders elected to represent four physical districts in the area, plus members at large. They are nominated by a committee and voted on by the hospital's corporate membership at an annual meeting each April. Board members can serve (3) three-year terms and receive stringent training for the position. They are not compensated for any time invested. Board members attend one monthly board meeting, in addition to being assigned additional committee duties.

2023-2024 Board Members are:

Frank Popejoy, Chair, Blue Rapids, Rural #4
Jeff Crist, Vice-Chair, Marysville, At-Large
Lori Beikmann, Hanover, Rural #2
Gail Gilkerson, Marysville, City
Gary Holle, Bremen, At-Large
Sandy Keller, Marysville, City
Kurt Olson, OD, Marysville, City
Kevin O'Neil, Beattie, Rural #1
Austin Schotte, Marysville, At-Large
Melisa Treff, Waterville, Rural #3
Erin Wright, Marysville, At-Large
Dr. Cheryl Rice, MD, Chief of Medical Staff

To become a corporate member, call 562-2311 or email Pam Harrison,


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