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Price Transparency

This list of charges reflects the standard charges for inpatient and outpatient services provided at Community Memorial Healthcare. The hospital's charges are the same for all patients, but the patient's financial responsibility for services provided may vary, depending upon payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers as well as reimbursement schedules set forth by public payers such as Medicare and Medicaid. These charges do not include items or services that may be billed separately for physician services, lab, diagnostic services, etc. These files have been updated with our best estimate of insurance company payment rates, based on payment history and limited fee schedule information provided by those insurance companies. Please verify the information below with your insurance company where possible.

Click here to see a list of charges for services at CMH hospital
Click here to see a list of charges for services at our CMH clinics

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In order to make healthcare more consumer-friendly, Medicare has asked all healthcare providers to make a list of "shoppable services" available to potential patients.
We have provided that information here below, based upon the best available information. We have pulled together this information from the past two years of services provided at CMH. Almost all services listed will require a physician order before those services can be provided. Pricing listed assumes that you arrive with a physician order in hand. Costs of any physician visit provided prior to arriving at CMH are not included in the estimate of charges.

Medical services available, sorted by location*
Medical services available, sorted by CPT service billing code

*Where you see the words "third party" this indicates a physician will be billing for services where we cannot validate those charges or amounts. Where you see the words "No Data" this indicates that particular service has not been provided to a member with this particular insurance during the time frame reviewed.

View these files in a machine-readable format:
Medical services available, sorted by location
Medical services available, sorted by CPT service billing code

Patients with questions should call the hospital at 785-562-2311 and ask for the Business Office.

Revised 12/31/2020.


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