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Corporate Membership

When the community originally began fundraising for the new Community Memorial Hospital in the 1950s, it was determined that, in return for contributions to the capital campaign of more than $100, all donors at that level would receive a life-long membership to the hospital corporation, as fund raisers wanted the hospital to be community-owned and operated. This was then written into the bylaws, and continues to this day.

Anyone is encouraged to become a corporate member of CMH for the same membership fee of $100. Memberships are granted in the name of each donor for the life of that member, and cannot be transferred upon death. Members are invited to the annual corporate meeting each April, where each member may hold one vote in the election of new board members, or any proposed bylaw changes. No members receive compensation or dividends on any profits made by CMH, and likewise, are not held liable for any debts of the corporation.

The requirements for membership, as stated in the bylaws are:

"Any person, firm, association, corporation, or body politic, or subdivision thereof, may become a member of Community Memorial Healthcare, Inc. by:
     (a) Paying a membership fee of $100.00, and
     (b) Agreeing to comply with and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
          and any rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors of Community
          Memorial Healthcare, Inc.

To become a corporate member:

Call 562-2311 or email Pam Harrison, secretary for the corporate membership, at to receive an application.


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